Accounting Services

PenielStephens is an expert accounting service provider in following core areas:
  • Reconciliations and Verifications
  • Fund Accounting
  • Book Keeping and Accounting Services including maintenance of General Ledgers, Subsidiary Ledgers and controlling Trial Balance
  • Preparation Of Annual, Quarterly and Half-yearly financial statement as per statutory requirements
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements as per management requirements
  • Book keeping of records through accounting software and generation of statutory reports through it.
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Acting as a virtual CFO
  • Accounting advices and technical opinions
  • Preparation and review of accounting manuals

Our Approach

We provide accurate and detailed management information on a timely basis and tailored to the clients’ requirements; ensuring the fact that informed business decisions can be made by the management. We believe that management accounting drives business performance.

Our firm has vast experience and expertise of accounting softwares like Peachtree (sage 50), Quick Books, Tally ERP – 9, SAP, Xero, Globus. We have been providing accounting and book keeping services to many clients on these softwares. Our Financial Accounting Advisory Service (FAAS) staff operates the software on behalf of the clients and all the data entries are reviewed by senior level staff before final reflection in the general ledgers. In this way, the general and subsidiary ledgers are maintained from which trial balance is generated and monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual financial statements are prepared. Our FAAS personnel also prepare the annual financial statement as per the statutory requirements along-with all relevant disclosures for on-ward submission to regulators.

In addition to this, we work closely with our clients to develop the management packs as per their specific requirements. They have a distinctive ‘look and feel’ and are easy to read. These management reporting packs enable our clients to focus on their own expertise and highlight particular areas in the business that are not producing the correct results. The management packs provide comparatives to budget, forecast, prior year (where applicable) and include cash flow forecasting and value-add metrics such as break-even point and profitability by sector. We also provide a comprehensive audit file providing reconciliations of all the balance sheet accounts. We work closely with the external auditors to ensure that all the relevant information required is prepared as per audit standards. This enables the client to negotiate a competitive price for the audit. We discuss all the numbers within accounts in detail with our client and explain anything that requires clarification.